Visitors to the temple are factually guests of the Lord who resides as the Deity in the temple. Just as we honour the Deities with the highest standards of spiritual service, we receive the pilgrims with utmost care. Srila Prabhupada emphasized the need to maintain cleanliness and timeliness in Deity worship. These form the major principles behind the facilities deployed in managing the Deity darshan for the pilgrims.

Water: As the holy shrine rests on a hill devoid of reach of ground water, we are entitled to provide the same for the drinking and washing requirements atop the hill. Several thousands of gallons of water reach the hill in tankers, day in and day out. Our water purifier renders the fluid potable. The Akshaya Patra kitchen consumes a sizeable amount of  water for its mammoth midday meal cooking project.

Security: Security personnel working 24×7 in shifts guard this holy shrine and also facilitate smooth darshan experience for the thousands of pilgrims who come here every day.

Clean Temple Campus: Srila Prabhupada was extremely particular that ISKCON temples should remain spick and span always. In an effort to please our beloved spiritual master, we have deployed a large number of house-keeping personnel to keep this seven-acre land neat and clean.

Donor Care

The Donor Care Center (DCC) of ISKCON-Jabalpur, facilitates the participation of our donors and patrons in the devotional and charitable activities of the temple.

The following are the services extended by the DCC.

  • Inviting the patrons for special puja on the occasions chosen by them (and extending a warm hospitality during their visit).
  • Dispatching monthly magazines, spiritual books and festival passes in a timely manner.
  • Keeping in touch with the donors and patrons through various communication channels (e-mail, phone, etc.).
  • Effective handling of donor queries and grievances.
  • Encouraging the donors and patrons to take up devotional activities (chanting, reading Srimad Bhagavatam, rendering services in the temple, sponsoring the sevas performed for the pleasure of Their Lordships, etc.)

For more details contact:

Mobile : 9755984854