The goal of life according to the Vaishnava, or Krishna conscious, teaching is to awaken within each soul knowledge of their original spiritual nature, thus bringing the individual to the platform of God-consciousness or devotional service to God.

Thus for ISKCON, education is an integral part of its communities. Temples around the world sponsor adult education programs as well as Sunday Schools for children. ISKCON also has a wide spectrum of online and classroom courses ranging from the fundamentals of spirituality to the advanced concepts of Gaudiya Vaishnavism; from communications to developing spiritually focused family life.

Srila Prabhupada wanted to provide opportunities for all people to gain a systematic understanding of the profound Vaishnava philosophy. Thus, his followers have developed systematic studies of the texts fundamental to Krishna consciousness such as a preliminary Bhakti-Sastri course that focuses on the famous Sanskrit texts Bhagavad-gita and Sri Isopanisad along with later writings, the Bhakti-rasamrita Sindu (Nectar of Devotion) and Upadeshamrita (Nectar of Instruction).