ISKCON is know for its service to the society primarily in preserving the Vedic culture and also for profusely distributing Krishna prasadam, be it in times of crisis or in normal period. Currently ISKCON Jabalpur center  is operating from a small place but still helping a lot of people everyday.

For enhancing our services to the community, we need to have our own place and infrastructure. We have a 5  acar  land space, currently there is a small ISKCON Center constructed and the huge temple  alter and  deities etc. are under construction behind . This is a humble request to you to support us in building this temple which is a place where Lord Krishna will be worshiped and a also a place from which a lot of people will be benefitted. Thank you for your help.

“Whoever constructs or helps to construct, a Vishnu Temple will protect eight generations of fathers, grandfathers and forefathers from falling into hell” -(VamanaPurana)

Temple construction includes construction of beautiful temple for Sri Sri Radha Raman ji. Sri Sri Gaur Nitai and Ram Darbar deities plus 51 guest house rooms.

1 You can serve by donating for the construction of one pillar of           temple.

2 You can offer seva by donating for the construction of temple hall.

3 You can donate to book a guest house for yourself.

4 You can donate for one brick of temple.

5 You can also donate bricks, cement, iron, timber  and marble for temple construction.


  • All donations made to ISKCON  are tax exempted under section  80 G.
  • Names of all the donors  will be displayed on main door of temple.
  • You can get free of cost 60 day guest house residence every year(Conditions applied) .
  • To know more visit temple donation desk or you may call/whatsapp us +91 9755984854.

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