Daily Bhagvad Gita Class- Daily Bhagavad Gita Class is essential pillar for ISKCON’s preaching movement. One has to learn to know on how someone can be benefited from these classes. The importance of hearing properly from proper sources is always emphasized by Srilla Prabhupada. One has to understand Bhagavad Gita Through the process of devotional service by hearing the recitation of pure devotee.  These are the injunctions of  Vedic literature. We should hear Bhagavad Gita from exalted spiritual masters and pure devotees who are fixed at their own spiritual master’s lotus feet. We cannot achieve auspiciousness fi we hear from those who are not bhagavats so one should attend these Bhaavas Gita Classees held in temple every day after Darshan arti around 8:30 am.